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On the Back Talk Doc podcast, physiatrist Sanjiv Lakhia, DO, offers answers to some of the most common questions about back pain and spine health. Below is a listing of episodes. Access the podcast on Apple, Spotify, Android, Stitcher, or TuneIn. You can also listen and download episodes by visiting BackTalkDoc.com.

  EPISODE 1: Top 10 Back Pain Myths
  EPISODE 2: Glute Power With Ryan Klomparens, PT
  EPISODE 3: The Narrowed Path, Understanding Spinal Stenosis With Dr. Joe Cheatle
  EPISODE 4: Back Injuries At Work
  EPISODE 5: Cutting-Edge Surgery With Dr. Mark Smith
  EPISODE 6: Treating Nerve Injuries With Dr. Alan Tillotson
  EPISODE 7: Sports and Spine With Jake Beamon, PTA
  EPISODE 8: Back on Track: Exercise Recovery With Josh Kollman, DC & Bridgette Kelly, PT
  EPISODE 9: Worth a Shot? Spinal Injections With Dr. Andrew Sumich
  EPISODE 10: Understanding the Science of Practice in Neurosurgery & Medicine
  EPISODE 11: Top 8 Apps to Help With Pain
  EPISODE 12: The Recommended Diet to Reduce Inflammation
  EPISODE 13: Adult Spinal Deformity With Dr. Matt McGirt

Dr. Lakhia’s booklet, Back Talk, provides easy-to-understand explanations of what causes back pain and how different treatment options can help. To learn how patients can get a copy of Back Talk, visit BackTalkDoc.com.

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