Spine - Lumbar

Nucel MultiCenter:  This is a Post-Market, standard of care study of the Nucel. This study is intended to demonstrate that Nucel® bone graft system is effective and safe in promoting bone growth and fusion rate when used in the lumbar interbody fusion in patients with one or two-level diseases of the lumbar spine. For more information go to:
TOPS IDE Artificial Facet: The study is designed to assess the ability of the TOPS System to relieve the pain and restore normal function caused by certain spinal conditions. The purpose of the study is to compare the results of spinal surgery using the TOPS System to the results of spinal fusion surgery. Currently, fusion surgery is a standard treatment for people with these symptoms. The spinal column is made up of many joints which allow the body to bend, twist and move. Pain often results when there is something wrong with these joints. Fusing diseased vertebrae together stabilizes the spine. However, fusing the vertebral bones also makes them incapable of moving normally. A spinal implant such as the TOPS System is intended as an alternative to fusion surgery because it is designed to relieve pain while still allowing movement of the joints between the vertebrae.

Other Studies

Wingspan™ Stent System with Gateway PTA Balloon Catheter: (Humanitarian Use Device)- For use in treatment of lesion within the brain, caused by atherosclerosis (narrowing and hardening of the arteries) and its affect on the neurovascular arteries that are in the brain.

Boston Scientific Target NEUROFORM™ Microdelivery Stent System (Humanitarian Use Device) – for use in treatment of wide-neck, intracranial aneurysms.