Celebrating Our Radiology Technologists

Rock Hill Techs
Our Rock Hill Imaging Team: Nancy and Susan are X-ray tech technologists. They also support our physiatry team in spinal injections using Fluoroscopy.
Our Huntersville X-ray technologists, Patrice and Laci!
Pictured in their element and in action is our Concord office radiology technologists, Karen Dismuke Heather Onate
Our Charlotte office Imaging team: Back row from left to right: Matthew Harkey, Karen Tibbetts, John Immel, Stacy Graham, Julie Aspacher Front row from left to right: Annette Nicolini, Jordan Dunn, Kelly Canton.
Latoya, MRI tech, scanning "happy patient," Grayson, MRI assistant
Our two awesome radiologist technologist in our Baldwin office, pictured left to right: Madison and Deneja

Celebrating National Radiology Technologist Week

This national recognition week is an opportunity to showcase our imaging team and celebrate the incredible services that they provide our patients. 

In honor of Radiology Technologist Week, we asked our technologists to answer some questions that help us understand the talent, passion, and team culture behind the technology! 

How long have you been with Carolina NeuroSurgery & Spine Associates? If a significant amount of time, how has the practice evolved over time with the development of radiologic technology?

“I have worked here at CNSA for over 9 years! CNSA has grown tremendously from the time I started by expanding office locations in the Triad Region, Huntersville, Matthews and Gastonia to name a few. Growing our footprint as practice means increased need for imaging services as well! Multiple offices offering CT here at the main office in Charlotte as well as multiple x-ray units/c-arms and the need of not just 2 MRI machines, but now 3 MRI machines. This growth initiated the need for more skilled Radiology Technologists in Diagnostic Imaging, CT and MRI. Within the past 2 years, we now have newer and more strict safety guidelines in MRI which brought forth a need for MRI Technician Assistants. So, we now have 4 MRI Tech Assistants which is such a wonderful addition.” - Latoya R.T. (R) (MR) /MRI Technologist, Baldwin/Charlotte Office

What helped solidify your decision to work for Carolina NeuroSurgery & Spine Associates?

“I was very impressed with the longevity of people working here– from the HR orientation to the radiology manager and staff. I was working as a travel x-ray technologist for the past 3 years, and wanted to come back home. After my interviews and walkthroughs, I loved the fact that everyone was so friendly. I truly love the people I work with.” - Annette R.T. (R) /X-ray Technologist, Charlotte/Baldwin Office 

“Coming from working in the hospital setting for 13 years prior to joining the CNSA family, I quickly grew to love the fact that there’s no on-call, and I didn't have to work holidays or weekends. The atmosphere here is very warm, personable and inviting and I feel everyone works very well together as a team.” - Latoya R.T. (R) (MR) /MRI Technologist, Baldwin/Charlotte Office

In what ways does a radiology technologist positively influence a patient’s journey?

“Patients come to us with uncertainty about their health situations, and I assure them that they are in great hands with our physicians and care teams.” - Stacey BSRT, (R)(CT)(MR) /Imaging Technologist, Charlotte/Baldwin Office

“The images we take are one of the steps in helping to diagnose a patient’s issue. X-rays will either define or rule out a problem and help with a diagnosis. As far as pain injections, we use fluoro to help guide the physiatrists to the right spot.” - Annette R.T. (R) /X-ray Technologist, Charlotte/Baldwin Office

“Radiology offers diagnostic imaging for patients on their journey to recovery. diagnostic imaging is less invasive. Patients are more likely to follow through with a treatment plan when they can get a much quicker and definitive answer to match their symptoms without initially going through a more invasive route. This is what diagnostic imaging has provided for them.” - Latoya R.T. (R) (MR) /MRI Technologist, Baldwin/Charlotte Office

Advice for someone looking into becoming a radiology technologist?

“Do your research! Try to get prerequisites out of the way, especially if you are planning on working AND going to school. It is a much more complicated role than people think it is. Also, if you are young and have no “ties”, or have been a tech for a long time and are maybe an “empty nester”, I would also recommend becoming a travel tech. You will need at least a year of experience (mainly in a hospital setting) if you are a new graduating technologist, but it is a great learning experience and gives you the ability to see other parts of the country, meet different people, and see how other technologists learn and do things. I learned something new from EVERY job placement!” - Annette R.T. (R) /X-ray Technologist, Charlotte/Baldwin Office 

“It is a great field to be in, and you can concentrate on different modalities of radiology such as X-ray, CT, MRI, mammography, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, or interventional radiology. You can also be a multi-modality technologist, like me which allows more job opportunities!” - Stacey BSRT, (R)(CT)(MR) /Imaging Technologist, Charlotte/Baldwin Office

“A radiology technologist job is not for the weak. You have to be a super multitasker, you have to be very knowledgeable of your area, stay up on the safety in this ever changing field and most importantly a very good communicator. You might say, we have the knowledge and capability to see ‘right through out patients.’” - Latoya R.T. (R) (MR) /MRI Technologist, Baldwin/Charlotte Office

What is a fun fact about the technology that you work with that most people wouldn’t know?

“We aren't just ‘button pushers’! Being an imaging technologist takes a lot of training and hard work. It is rewarding, but not as easy as people think!” - Annette R.T. (R) /X-ray Technologist, Charlotte/Baldwin Office 

“There are different types of manufacturers for Radiology equipment and each manufacturer has their own language for functions. It’s not about simply being able to perform the job, you have to be able to learn the different languages and adapt according to the needs of the providers.” - Stacey BSRT, (R)(CT)(MR) /Imaging Technologist, Cha

Charlotte/Baldwin Office

“Having an MRI does not exclude you from needing an x-ray.” - Patrice R.T. (R) /X-ray Technologist, Huntersville Office

“MRI uses strong magnets and radiofrequency (like microwaves) to produce diagnostic imaging. The magnetic strength in an MRI machine is around 150,000 times stronger than the strength of the earth’s magnetic field. MRI machines are calibrated in units called Tesla,  which is the strength of the magnetic field. The “Tesla'' comes from Nikola Tesla who discovered the rotating magnetic field in 1888. Raymon Damadian invented the first MRI machine and performed the first scan of a human July 3, 1977.” - Latoya R.T. (R) (MR) /MRI Technologist, Baldwin/Charlotte Office

Learn more about our imaging services

The on-site MRI, CT and X-ray imaging services across our locations allow our patients to receive convenient diagnostic testing and provide high-resolution brain and spine scans. With these services, our team of licensed, certified technologists work together with our physiatrists, neurosurgeons, and neurology team to review patient progress, develop treatment plans, and share insight for optimal patient care. 

Carolina NeuroSurgery & Spine Associates is one of the only imaging centers in the Carolinas with a multi-position, open MRI that allows us to scan patients sitting, bending, lying down, or in other positions not previously possible with MRI imaging. At our patients’ convenience, they can have their MRIs and practice appointments on the same day at one location with highly skilled technologists performing every test, resulting in reliable and consistent feedback. 

To schedule an appointment with a radiology technologist, click the link according to the closest location to you!

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November 12, 2023

Our techs are the best!! We share clinical history & work together to get the most information from each imaging study. Thank you. Kate Chan, PAC
- Kate Chan