Concussion Testing Vital For All Sports

Sports concussions have become a fixture in the headlines, with a greater emphasis being placed on injury prevention for athletes at all levels. While football is a major focus, athletes in many other sports remain at risk of concussion.

"Although football accounts for the majority of concussions in this community, girls soccer and cheerleading cause a surprising number of concussions," said David Wiercisiewski, MD, a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist at Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates and director of the Carolina Sports Concussion Program.

Since 2007, SunTrust Bank has partnered with our practice to offer free baseline ImPACT tests to high school athletes in five area counties. Some of these schools have expanded their testing beyond football, lacrosse, and soccer to include all sports.

"Concussions are definitely occurring in non-contact sports," said Dr. Wiercisiewski. "Any impact that is strong enough to jar the brain inside the skull can cause a concussion."

The Carolina Sports Concussion Program diagnoses and manages sports concussions in athletes age 10 and older. The program has grown significantly over the years, and it has made a difference for thousands of young athletes in the Charlotte region.

For more information about the Carolina Sports Concussion Program, call 704-831-4323.

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