Congratulations Craig VanDerVeer, MD On Your Retirement!

You Cannot Truly Measure A Career Of Innovation, Leadership And Healing. 

You Can Only Honor It.

Neurosurgeon Craig VanDerVeer, MD

Neurosurgeon Craig VanDerVeer, MD, a guiding force in neurosurgery for this region and the nation, is beginning a new chapter of possibilities with his retirement. He has made a difference for more than 10,000 surgical patients, and his leadership has positioned our practice and our specialty to successfully face the challenges that lie ahead. 

Thank you for a career that includes:

  • 33 Years of Neurosurgical Care
  • Director and Vice President of the American Board of Neurosurgery 
  • Distinguished Practitioner in Neurosurgery, Southern Neurological Society (2015)
  • Director of the Carolinas Neuroscience and Spine Institute (1996-2011)

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March 20, 2024

Dr VanDerVeer operated on me in the early 90's. I had 2 herniated dics and the Dr I was seeing through workers comp had me on several different medications and put me in physical therapy. Almost killed me. I finally insisted on getting another Dr. By the time I got to Dr VanDerVeer I couldn't even raise my arms. He said I should have had surgery within 2 weeks of the accident. Needless to say I literally went through hell before he repaired the dics. Since then I have had absolutely no other problems with it. I thankful and grateful for him. Congratulations on your retirement and enjoy the next chapter of your life.
- Cheryl Edwards

February 19, 2024

Dr. VandeDerVeer, you operated on my sister back in 2003 when she came to you with 3 aneurysms. She had a total of 4 aneurysms, the first of which became a bleed and had been repaired emergently at our home hospital. You repaired the remaining 3 aneurysms in two separate surgeries to total three brain surgeries in 8 months. Because of your skill, confidence and passion for what you do, to this day, she has continued to live her life to the full. Thank you, Dr. VanDerVeer for allowing us to have our sister, Norma now over 20 years later.
- Fran Caldwell

January 03, 2024

Took care of my father, John Griffin, late eighties/early nineties. You sir, were the kindest, most thorough doctor I have seen. You were a blessing to our family. Congrats and enjoy your retirement!
- Bill Griffin