Exploring the World of Radiologic Technology with Deneja

Deneja's journey into radiologic technology began unexpectedly during her teenage years when she tore her ACL while playing volleyball. The experience of getting her first X-rays left a lasting impression on her, sparking a curiosity about the field that eventually led her to pursue a career as a technologist. Fast forward three years, and Deneja finds herself using her skills to provide optimal imaging while ensuring the safety and comfort of every patient she encounters.

In her role as an X-ray technologist, Deneja's responsibilities are diverse and dynamic. From preparing patients for imaging procedures to adapting to the unique needs of each individual, her days are filled with tasks aimed at producing high-quality imag

es that aid in diagnosis and treatment. Whether it's managing schedules or collaborating with colleagues to navigate complex cases, Deneja approaches each challenge with a combination of technical expertise and compassionate care.

Deneja seeks out opportunities to learn and grow in her field. Recently, she expanded her skill set by specializing in CT scans, enhancing her ability to meet the evolving needs of her patients. 

“I highly recommend radiology to someone interested in this career field, the main reason being the opportunity for growth,” says Deneja. “You start out as an x-ray tech, get the foundation of your knowledge and you can apply it anywhere, with only a small term of extra classes to expand your career to a whole other level.”

For Deneja, the environment at CNSA is perfect for professionals looking for making real connections with their patients. 

“Working at CNSA as a technologist, especially without much experience, I have learned so much,” Deneja explains. “With it being a smaller clinic, you are able to be more personal with your patients, take your time, and perfect your skills. Here, with it being a more personal environment, you are able to really focus on the needs of the patients, communicate efficiently with the doctors to make sure exactly what’s needed is what’s done, and broaden your focused skills of imaging regarding the brain and spine.”

For those considering a career in radiologic technology, Deneja emphasizes the importance of confidence, creativity, and a genuine passion for patient care as essential qualities for success in this field. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand your skills, Deneja encourages aspiring technologists to embrace the journey with enthusiasm and dedication.

Does working as an X-ray technologist with colleagues like Deneja sound like a fit for you? Apply to our open position today!

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March 22, 2024

Keep up the great work... Auntie loves you so so much. Very Proud of you
- Angela Parker