Meet Ginny, a loyal and foundational member of our team!

Meet Ginny Moncure!

Ginny Moncure, Physician Administrative Assistant to Dr. Mark Smith, is going into her 26th year of working at Carolina NeuroSurgery & Spine Associates. She’s held many positions including patient front desk check in, secretary for Dr. Tony Asher and Dr. Mike Cowan, and moved into her current role supporting Dr. Smith in 2019. 

“The benefits of working at Carolina NeuroSurgery & Spine Associates are amazing,” Ginny said. “I value the relationships I’ve made with patients and the friends I have made along the way while working here.” Ginny says that the most rewarding aspect of her job is patient satisfaction. “It is so fulfilling to know that I am part of a patient’s success story.” 

As a Physician Administrative Assistant (PAA), Ginny impacts the patient experience in a positive way by working with the patients to schedule appointments or procedures that work best with their personal schedules. “We make sure the patient feels good about their conversations with us,” Ginny said. “When they hang up, we hope they have confidence that we will take care of whatever they need.”

Some of Ginny’s specific tasks as a PAA include responding and returning phone calls and scheduling appointments for follow ups, MRIs, CTs, PT, and outside referrals. She monitors and responds to emails from multiple inboxes and is responsible for her team’s patient portal. 

“Some of my favorite things about working as a PAA here at Carolina NeuroSurgery & Spine Associates include the teamwork in our department,” Ginny said. “We are always there for each other and I am so grateful to have an amazing support system around me.”  

According to Dr. Smith, Ginny is an incredible asset to Carolina NeuroSurgery & Spine Associates. “Ginny has a big personality and an even bigger heart,” Dr. Smith said. “She treats our patients like they are family. As a PAA, she is often the primary point of contact for patients and families, balancing and prioritizing as patients have a variety of needs. Ginny makes sure that patients' needs are met whether she is solving the issue herself or getting the right teammates involved.”

“Communication is the key within your department, with your team and with the patients,” Ginny said. “You have to be a clear communicator, a good listener, and always strive to offer compassion throughout the whole process.”

Celebrate with us as we recognize Ginny, a veteran and foundational member of our team. These examples demonstrate how important each of our team members are here at CNSA, whether they are in their first week or a tenured employee. 

Are you interested in a career change, or just starting out in your job search? No matter what role you play at our practice, you will support a team who is providing a compassionate approach to life-changing care! 

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September 06, 2022

Ginny is a kind and caring person. She has been a part of our family for many years. You are blessed to have her!
- Luci Blizzard