Our values lived out: Leyda exemplifies communication!

Our values provide us with a roadmap for how we interact with our patients and our colleagues. Our values are what help us create a culture that inspires our team to come to work each day and provide life-changing care with a compassionate approach.

Each of our team members are an integral part of our community and impact the patient experience, no matter their role! 

This summer, during our team engagement campaign, we are highlighting a team member who has been recognized by their colleagues through our internal kudos program, called "value impression awards", for embodying one of our core values. These employees have received these impressions for a value that they have put into action. 

We regularly invite our team members to recognize their peers through this internal "impression" award system via our intranet community platform. Leyda was selected because she received the most impressions for the value of communication from her peers. 

Congrats to our team member, Leyda Gonzalez, featured for displaying our value of COMMUNICATION.

Leyda Gonzalez is a Managed Care Coordinator, that just celebrated her first year at CNSA. She works out of the Lillington office building. Her and her team’s main role is to verify the insurance requirements for procedures, imaging, injections, or ESI surgeries. “Our team makes sure that we are complying with the patient’s insurance and requesting authorization for predetermination and have that information in our system so the billing process goes smoothly,” Leyda said. “Communication is a key aspect of my role.”

Leyda shares her secret to good communication. “I always strive to provide as much information as possible so when that person receives that email, they know exactly what I am asking and what is happening,” Leyda said. “I strive to provide a solution, if I can think of one. By doing so, I avoid unnecessary back and forth communication. Giving as much information as you can will help you come to a resolution faster.” She notes that clear communication not only creates a great work environment, but provides a better experience for a patient. 

Leyda has been working at CNSA since July, 2021. She appreciates working with a great team. “I love the people that I work with,” Leyda said. “From what I have seen throughout my first year here, everybody is always willing to extend a hand. They communicate and guide you so you can succeed.”

Leyda, thank you for demonstrating how to put our value of communication into action! We are so proud to have you as a member of our team!

Join us in congratulating Leyda on a job well-done and leave her a comment below! 

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