The Top 10 Myths about Back Pain

Let's be honest, when it comes to solving back pain, there are a lot of opinions. 

We invite you to hear from the experts on this one. Which of these top 10 myths have you thought to yourself before? Our practice podcast, Back Talk Doc addresses common questions and concerns about back pain and more. Dr. Sanjiv Lakhia, a board certified physiatrist and specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates walks us through the top 10 myths about back pain in this featured episode. 

Dr. Lakhia is passionate about educating patients on how to care for their back by combining the best of holistic and conventional medicine approaches. He is the author of the patient education booklet, Back Talk, that addresses common questions you may encounter when searching for back and spine care options.

Top 10 Back Pain Myths 

  • Myth #1: Most patients with low back pain need surgery. - 3:09
  • Myth #2: All herniated lumbar discs need surgery. - 4:31
  • Myth #3: Sit-ups are good for your low back. - 6:20
  • Myth #4: All back injuries need x-rays and MRI studies. - 7:46
  • Myth #5: Only overweight individuals have low back pain. - 9:04
  • Myth #6: If you hurt your back, bed rest is critical. - 11:05
  • Myth #7: Over-the-counter drugs are totally safe for treating back pain. - 16:59
  • Myth #8: Muscle relaxers, relax muscles. - 19:19
  • Myth #9: Exercise causes back injuries. - 20:54
  • Myth #10: Back braces help low back pain. - 22:22

Learn the top 10 myths about back pain by readying this blog and listening to physiatrist, Sanjiv Lakhia, DO as he provides a straightforward approach to treating and preventing back and spine issues. Additionally, he addresses health and wellness issues, navigating the healthcare system, and safe and effective treatment options for back problems.

Every episode of Back Talk Doc includes a Health Matters segment intended to provide actionable health information you can put into practice in your life immediately. This week Dr. Lakhia discusses the importance of sleep. He details the overall benefits of sleep and the strong correlation in medical research between sleep and pain. 11:50
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