Concussion Assessment

Recognition and proper management of a concussion is crucial to avoiding additional serious injury. A repeat concussion that occurs before the brain recovers from the first can result in brain swelling, permanent brain damage and even death.

Cognitive Testing

We offer complete medical evaluation for any athlete that has suffered a head injury and is suspected of having a concussion. In addition, we utilize a post-injury neurocognitive test, called ImPACT, that allows us to objectively evaluate, document and measure the athlete’s various brain functions, including memory, processing speed, reaction time and symptoms. Post-concussion testing should be done as soon as possible after the injury.

While evidence of a concussion will not appear on an MRI or CT scan, these additional diagnostic tests may be needed to rule out structural injury to the skull or brain. We offer on-site MRI for the convenience of our patients.

Results of the ImPACT test are compared to established norms that can be used to evaluate the recovery process of a concussed athlete. Ideally, an athlete will have completed a baseline ImPACT test prior to the start of the athletic season to use for comparison. This allows for a more accurate assessment of an athlete’s condition. The baseline test takes about 30 minutes and can be completed by clicking here.

Through monitoring and assessment of the neurocognitive tests, we can more accurately determine when an athlete has recovered from a concussion and is able to safely resume sports activities.

About ImPACT

ImPACT is a user-friendly computer-based testing program specifically designed for the management of sports-related concussion. It is currently the most widely utilized program of its kind in the world and is used by middle school, high school, collegiate, and professional sports teams across the country.

Current Users Include:

• 22 NFL Teams • NASCAR • Major League Baseball
• Major League Baseball Umpires • NFL Europe • USA Olympic Hockey
• USA Hockey • USA Ski Team • USA Soccer Juniors
• IRL, Formula 1, CHAMP Car Racing • 200+ Colleges and Universities • 700+ High Schools
• United States Coast Guard   • United States Army