Celebrating Doctors' Day

In celebration of Doctors' Day, we recognize our physicians who provide life-changing, compassionate care to over 60k patients annually at Carolina NeuroSurgery & Spine Associates (CNSA). 

As one of the largest private neurosurgical practices, we have 47 physicians comprising neurosurgery, physiatry, anesthesia pain, and neurology who provide quality brain and spine care. Our patients give us daily feedback on public platforms such as Google, Healthgrades, Vitals, and social media channels that solidify the outstanding care that each one of our physicians provides our community.

We are proud to say that the top five keywords associated with our doctors in these public surveys are empathy, compassion, kind, professional, and knowledgeable.

Enjoy as we share some of their stories with you from around our offices!

"He took the time to wash and brush my daughter's hair."

A mother commented on Facebook to tell us a story about her daughter's neurosurgeon, John Parish, MD, based in our Charlotte office.

"Let me tell you about this awesome man. My daughter was in the PICU for three months with four separate drains out of her head. Because of this, her hair was a mess and caked in betadine for three months. The drains prevented us from washing or brushing her hair due to the drains. When she went into surgery to have them removed, Dr. Parish washed her hair and brushed it before she came back to us. It was something that I'll always remember. We love him!"

"I am but one of many lives touched by him for the better."

One patient shared that a family member referred them to our Charlotte office after months of working to figure out what was causing their debilitating pain. They scheduled an appointment with neurosurgeon Tim E. Adamson, MD.

"When I went in for my first appointment, I began to talk with some of the people I met who educated me on what kind of doctor and man Dr. Adamson was to them. Their stories of trust and respect were so real that I knew I was in the right place."

"In today's medical field, where time with the patient has been pushed aside, doctors like Dr. Adamson put the patient first. I am but one of many lives touched by him for the better. If you want a caring person who sees you as a human being, I would highly recommend Dr. Adamson to you."

"His compassion and willingness to listen is without equal."

A patient at our Greensboro office shared that neurosurgeon Gary P. Cram, Jr., MD, is treating lung cancer that had spread to the patient's brain.

"Dr. Cram continues to be one of the best doctors in Greensboro. He is very thorough in his follow-ups on MRIs and every aspect of my treatments. His compassion and willingness to listen is without equal."

"I have been impressed with the compassion I have received." 

Another patient recommended John E. Ziewacz, MD, MPH, at our Ballantyne office, receiving guidance to relieve pain in their lower back and leg.

"Dr. Ziewacz was very informative and professional when I met with him. I have been very pleased and impressed with the compassion I have received from all the doctors and staff at Carolina NeuroSurgery & Spine Associates."

"I went from being unable to feel my legs and arms to walking again!"

Byron C. Branch, MD, at the Concord office, was given gratitude from a patient who had lost feeling in their arms and legs.

"Dr. Branch was very thorough in his explanation of the procedure and what the expected prognosis would be. He answered all my questions and concerns, and I went from being unable to feel my legs and arms to walking again! I would recommend him to anyone that finds themselves in need of an excellent neurosurgeon."

"I believe the level of care is outstanding."

Stephanie J. Plummer. DO, a physiatrist at our Gastonia and Ballantyne offices, was recommended by a patient saying,

"Blessings abound from this practice. Professionalism and respect for patients are palpable. Promptness and office personnel are beyond helpful, kind, understanding, and responsive. I believe the level of care is outstanding. I trust the integrity and competency of Dr. Plummer. She has proven to reflect all of these qualities. I genuinely and whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Plummer."

"He listens attentively and connects all the dots concerning his patients' issues."

Neurologist Ki S. Jung, MD, was praised by a patient at our Huntersville office saying,

"Dr. Jung is one of the most caring, professional doctors I have ever had. He listens attentively and connects all the dots concerning his patients' issues. I recommend him and all the doctors I have met at Carolina NeuroSurgery & Spine Associates in Huntersville."

"He was the first doctor to call me on my cell phone to ask how I was feeling."

In their review, another patient endorsed Troy C. Dawley, DO, a neurosurgeon at the Greensboro and High Point offices who removed a disc in the patient's back.

"I am 72 and very active. Dr. Dawley is great with me. He was the first doctor to call me on my cell phone to ask how I was feeling and if I had any questions. He said I would do fine throughout the process, and I believe him!"

In Just Two Words: "He cares!"

Another patient has seen John A. Welshofer, MD, in the Matthews for over six years to treat their chronic back and hip pain problems.

"Dr. Welshofer is one of the best, if not THE best, doctors I've ever had. He is that rare doctor who truly listens, follows up with thoughtful questions, and comes up with short and long-term treatments. He asks probing questions that can unearth issues not previously considered and will even physically examine the back, etc., to make a diagnosis. From my experience, this was unheard of with previous pain specialists I've seen. I can best sum up Dr. Welshofer in two words: HE CARES!"

"Thank you for your kindness and expertise."

A patient treated by Joseph Cheatle, MD, in our Rock Hill office, noted that Dr. Cheatle could solve their case in minutes — but was always willing to spend extra time with them.

"What an amazing Doctor. He has been treating me for almost three years, and the abundance of kindness, wrapped in professional expertise, is a rare thing these days. Thank you, Dr. Cheatle, for your kindness and expertise. And for spending extra time with me when I didn't understand my condition."

Thank you to all 47 of our outstanding physicians on this national doctors' day.

This short list of stories is just the beginning! To read more inspiring patient stories or learn from their experiences, check out our patient story blogs or read our physician reviews on their profile pages. For every physician at CNSA, there are so many beautiful accounts told by our patients, demonstrating their expertise and compassion. We are honored that these patients trusted our physicians and team with their care.

Want to learn more about our physicians, their philosophy or care, or why they became a doctor? 

Visit our online physician directory to explore their profile pages filled with helpful and inspiring information.

This content is for informational and educational purposes only. For specific medical questions, please consult your doctor. New and current patients can call our offices to make an appointment or request an appointment online.

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May 15, 2023

I have to tell you something. For over 35 years I have had a nightmare of back pain. You can imagine the doctors and surgeries I’ve had from some of the best Neurosurgeons in SC. I have suffered greatly until I met Johnathon Parish. He rebuilt my back in Jan of 23. After 2 previous surgeries and pain that never went away, it’s gone now thanks to Dr Parish. Age 68 and finally have my life back. I can go back to water skiing, gardening, horse back riding and tubing down the river without major pain. I will be totally healed within one year, Jan ‘24. I spent 3 hours on tractor cutting some grass for the 1st time in over a year. It’s only May ‘23. I was a bit sore that night but not in wincing pain for 3 days after! I am thrilled! Why didn’t my SC doctor do it right the first time? I surely can’t answer that but Dr Parish did it right. Thank God for him. Truly a gift from God and now my miracle has arrived. He rebuilt my back! Make that call. In a few shorts months you will be out of back pain and doing everything again w/o pain!!
- Patty Thompson

April 20, 2023

Dr. Joe Zuhosky a tough Buckeye with a very kind and sensitive understanding of my pain and anxiety that came with it. I am grateful for his immediate treatment with a lumbar infusion and he encouraged me, and by that I knew I was in his good hands and sight.
- Bonny Stilwell

April 20, 2023

Dr. Ki Jung has been so kind and generous with his thoughts, words, and deeds responding to my needs. I am continually grateful for being his patient and having him as my friend.
- Bonny Stilwell